06 August 2011

Austin Pics

 Hank and I at Uchiko for my birthday (I had a fever, yuck). The food was amazing as always.
 Hank bought me a dress. A DRESS! He did so great! It's a Tracy Reese dress from Anthropologie. I never would have picked it, but I love it. I can't wait to wear it this fall with tights and boots.
 Gordough's Granny's Pie donut. Yum.
 Hank took really good care of me while I was sick. Black bean tacos.
 Peach and Fig Salad from Second Bar and Kitchen.
 Lakehouse sunset
 Cruising around Lago Vista, using my new Instagram app. LOVE IT.
Feeding deer at sunset.


starnes family said...

That last picture is gorgeous!

Nick said...

Looks like you were well looked after and had a good birthday.
p.s the dress looks really good on you.
Happy belated birthday. x