07 August 2011

Vintage Day Bed Score

My home is complete! I FINALLY found the sofa meant for my living room. It's a day bed. I've had the day bed idea for a few months, but wasn't quite sure what style I wanted. When Trina sent me the link to an estate sale near my house, I met her the next day. There were two of these beds, and I needed to visit them. I figured I would go in, see the bed, see that it was out of my price range, and walk away. I was so wrong! It was only $75! Trina and I all but laid on them so no one else could have them. My brother helped us haul. We washed the cool 80s sheets underneath, and set them up in our places. I love mine already. I might have already taken two naps on it. Go visit Trina to see hers!


Neus said...

Is it your house? It's so nice! I love this cosy space and the mixture of colours!! You have a very nice style!!

Cassie said...

yes! all mine, thank you!

ashley.warner said...

that is the CUTEST thing i've ever seen! i love your home as well. such a pretty place to live!