28 October 2011

B T Dub Run Club

We started a running club at school and it is awesome!!! We go every Wednesday on the Katy Trail after school. Right now we are doing intervals (walk run walk run) and we are logging between 4 and 5 miles per week. We are so pumped to have an official logo (thanks, Hank). I never thought I'd look forward to running. We are all about the same level so we are a great fit. Highlights of the Katy Trail include: counting six packs, creepy ski pole guy, creepy jump rope guy, creepy guy running in gladiator sandals, creepy cat stroller lady, passive aggressive thumbs up guy, and my personal favorite, creepy (front side only) spray tan guy.


Astrid Terrazas said...

Love half spray tan guy- personal fav. Also there was creepy super white teeth guy.

Trina M Curran said...

Love this! I am going to start one here...I'm inspired!! :)