07 October 2011

Some Sewing and Salading

 I made this super fun apron top for my little friend, Laurel, in North Carolina. She is totally Punky Brewster in toddler form. I'm going to send this with a clippie that doesn't match. She'll love it.

So, Cathy Jo makes the best salad. I attempted to recreate it last night. I shall call it the CJ salad. It has field greens, Honeycrisp apples, pecans, and blue cheese crumbles. The dressing is a champagne vinaigrette. The recipe can be found here. I couldn't find champagne vinegar or even white wine vinegar, so I got white balsamic. It still tasted great. 


Astrid Terrazas said...

so yum you should definitely bring us lunch sometime

Cathy Jo aka CJ said...