22 December 2011

Bias Tape!

When I try something new and it actually works, I get giddy and obsessive. I tried making my own bias tape (or binding) and am hooked! I have saved this great tutorial for almost a year and finally got to it. On the first try, I accidentally cut the wrong piece of fabric for about 4 inches, cutting my tape short by a yard or so. I also made it too thin. The tutorial calls for 1.5 inch strips, but my bias tape doo-hickey is for 2.5 inch strips. So it didn't iron easily. So I begrudgingly ironed all 17 yards or so. It makes so much! Then I tried 2.5 inch strips. They were a little too big for the bias tape thingy. It ironed easier, but still was a bit wonky. This morning I made the purple, and made 2.25 inch strips. Perfect! Of course all three are usable, and I loved putting them in little baggies to admire them. I'll have to share with my sewing friends. Who needs 50 yards of bias tape anyway?

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