21 December 2011

Nap Mat

I had so much fun making this nap mat for Jamison. He is starting pre-school in January. Apparently you will be a big loser if you don't roll up with a premium nap mat. Jamison can brag that his is handmade and local. Ha! I used Urban Zoologie fabric and chocolate brown "minky" from Joann. I used this tutorial. I tweaked a couple things like using velcro instead of buttons, making the tabs one inch thinner, and using a gray strap instead of elastic covered in fabric. It was very easy to follow and I didn't do any seam ripping. The foam pad is removable for washing. I hope he likes it and doesn't grow out of it too soon! 


Erika said...

that is awesome! I'm sure he will love it. One of my coworkers made Kai a blanket and pillow set that I sent with him to preschool. Kai loved that something was handmade just for him. I'm sure Jamison will too!

Weaveron Textile said...

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