20 December 2011


 I had a booth at the Deep Ellum Market on Saturday. It was a bust. I made a fraction of what I usually do. It was disappointing, but I had lots leftover to use as gifts or to keep for myself (green chair napkins).

 I made paper bows (using this tutorial) during the last few days of school and ended up making a garland of them. I spent way too much time on each one to see them get thrown away with the wrapping paper.
 I made a Christmas pillow from napkin scraps. It's a nice change for my sofa.
 I have the same tree with the same ornaments, but it looks better against my new paint job.


camille yanair said...

that crayon roll is amazing!! and i love that wall color!

Katy Rapier said...

Love the Christmas scrap pillow! Totes cute!