11 July 2012

Swoon and Stuff

I've reached summer boredom. This is a good thing (no complaints here). This is where I do all the things I've put off all year. 
 I made Bitsy two skirts. The butterfly fabric in the back is almost three years old with the plan of making her a top.
 I've had this IKEA fabric and pillow form for two years now, took care of that...
 I have had the Swoon pattern for over a year now and have been too intimidated to start it. Also, I had no idea what kind of fabric I wanted to use, so I just used what I had and went scrappy. Lots of pieces to cut! 

 I made this one last night in about three hours. I only seam ripped once! 
 Here's my second one. I shaved about thirty minutes off the time. This one was way easier to do than the first one. I knew they were big squares, but I am still amazed at how big. It only takes 9 to make a huge quilt. 
You can find the pattern here.

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